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Affordable iPhone Recovery – All For One Flat Fee.

Smart Phone Data Recovery offers a ONE RATE FEE; $385 for any iPhone recovery service. And if we can’t recover your data for any reason, there’s no charge. No BS!

We Offer the Most Affordable iPhone Recovery Services in the industry.

Tips and Tricks;

If you spill liquid on your iPhone, dropped into the water, get it out of water immediately, towel dry it and put it into a bag of rice to dry it. You have to wait for 4 to 5 days until the iPhone is totally dry, before that, you shouldn’t attempt to power on the iPhone, or the battery and the hardware inside iPhone will short out, which can totally destroy your iPhone. When the iPhone dry’s, you can try to turn it on. Some users get the Apple logo after turning the device on, but can’t get the iPhone connected to computer via the USB cable. If this happens, you will not be able to use the iPhone anymore. If you want to recover data from the water damaged iPhone, you can retrieve the data from the backup in iTunes. The iTunes backup can be used for restoring your new iPhone.

If you haven’t backed up your iPhone prior to the incident and want to recover your recover your lost emails, contacts, address book, text messages, calendar, photos, videos and other types of information, we suggest you leave it to the professionals to recover your data from your iOS device. Further attempts to do this on your own with 3rd party software downloaded from the Internet can damage your iPhone even further, making our job more difficult or impossible to have a successful recovery.

Smart Phone Data Recovery can also help recover your iPhone data from beyond water-damaged… accidental drop, accidental deletion, iOS update failure, corrupt SIM card, any data loss situation.

Consider a scenario wherein you deleted or formatted your iPhone’s SIM card by accident?

The data from it is completely gone and you are wondering how to get all your data back. Or even worse, you dropped it or accidentally got water on it. No need to worry! Smart Phone Data Recovery can help you in all kinds of situations.

Smart Phone Data Recovery Services is one of the leading iPhone recovery companies in the US today. We offer expert iPhone recovery services for individuals and businesses alike. We use advanced proprietary data recovery technology and techniques to recover inaccessible data from all style of iPhones, in any data loss situation.

No matter what caused your iPhone to fail, we have the required skills, experience and specialized tools to successfully recover your lost emails, contacts, address book, text messages, calendar, photos, videos and other types of information. From system crash, accidental formatting or deletion, accidental drop, water damage, our iPhone data recovery specialists can retrieve damaged, inaccessible, lost data from SIM cards and the phone itself. Often times we can recover data that cell phone companies cannot.

So if your iPhone’s SIM card cannot be recognized or mounted on your phone or card reader, don’t panic. Most likely, your emails, contacts, address book, text messages, calendar, photos, videos and other types of information can be recovered. Our expert iPhone data recovery team has 10+ years of hands on experience in dealing with various device failures issues.

If we can’t recover your data, there’s no charge, period!