"I have an iPhone 6, 64gb with nothing backed up. On Sunday, the screen went black. I tried to power it back on by holding the home & power button and nothing happened. It could not have been the battery as I know there was more than 50% battery life left, but either way, I used my OEM charger to charge it. I tried again home/power button and still a black screen. So, I plugged my iPhone into my pc to checked it on iTunes. It said that my phone is in recovery mode. I called Apple to find out what happened and if there were a way to back up my files. They said that once it's in recovery mode, there is nothing they can do except to wipe everything and return to original factory setting.

I went to the Apple store to have them check it out. The representative did the same thing as I did to check but nothing happened and he plugged into a computer and the iPhone stated the same thing. I asked if he could get it out of recovery mode so that I can retrieve my photos/videos/notes and he explained the same thing that once in recovery mode, it has to be wiped and returned to factory setting. He had me call my phone and no response. He also put it through a program to check the display to see if anything was wrong.

I have all my photos, videos, notes, calendar of events, bookmarks, contacts that I needed to recover if at all possible. In a total panic, I found Smart Phone Data Recovery online. Their representative was very knowledgeable with the iPhone and insured me they would do there very best to recover my data. They have a no data, no pay policy, however I just wanted my data back. Two days after I got the first call that my iPhone was received at there lab and that they were working on it, the next call was that they had 100% recovery and were sending it back to me. My hat off and hand forward to a job well done! The service was excellent!"

Review on Smart Phone Data Recovery Services from Chicago, IL