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How Smart Phone Data Recovery Helps You with USB Flash Drive Recovery.

Have a damaged or broken USB flash drive and need USB Flash Drive Recovery? Let’s cover the basic procedures for submitting a case for USB Flash Drive recovery. Visit our website, fill out our online service form and wait for a replied email with further instructions. This process only takes 5 minutes or less. If you have any questions call 1-877-598-2474.

There are typically four parts to a Flash Drive.

    1. Standard USB Connector: Used to connect the drive to the computer or digital device. Many times these USB ports become lose or break, creating data loss.

    2. USB Nandflash Memory Chip: Data is stored on this memory chip. It’s written in hexadecimal format. Data sets (banks) are located inside Nandflash Memory.

    3. USB Controller Chip: Allows the computer to read and write to the memory chip. These can cease to function at any moment. This leads to corrupted flash drive files.

    4. USB LED: Allows the user to see power is getting to the flash drive and the flash drive is reading and writing when LED light flickers.

USB Flash Drives are used by millions of consumers to store data. You transfer data from one computer to another. Transferring files by connecting the flash drive to the computers USB port. The USB Flash Drive storage devices are extremely convenient. However, a USB flash drive can fail for no apparent reason. It could be a loss of connectivity due to a corrupt file system or sometimes you might bend the tip creating data loss. With this said, you should never rely on a flash drive to be your only form of backup, they were never meant for this reason. They were created for the ease of transferring data from one device to another.

Some Common USB Flash Drive Symptoms and Issues.

    1. USB flash drives fail to open: When clicking on it in My Computer or you get a window that pops up saying you need to format before using (DO NOT FORMAT). This happens when USB drives or there system files are corrupt, software failure. Or your device is suffering physical damage. In some cases it can be a circuit failure, hardware. Hardware failures and USB controller problems on USB memory sticks.

    2. Portion Problems: This happens when the portion tables/system file get corrupt. This can happen for many reasons; ejecting improperly or corruption accruing while work on a file.

    3. Logical Problems: This happens when the micro controller fails. Nandflash memory chip extraction is the only option. It’s the only way to recover your files.

Contacting a USB Flash Drive Recovery Expert

As you can see, USB flash drives are complex pieces of hardware. USB Flash Drive recovery is often required. It is best to contact those with experience. Many technical circuits are located inside these drives. It’s never a good idea to try this yourself. If you do, you might create a bigger problem. Leave it to the recovery experts.

Smart Phone Data Recovery specializes in USB Flash Drive recovery for over a decade now. Smart Phone Data Recovery works with thousands of clients successfully recovering their important data. We have over a 90% success rate, however if for any reason we are unable to recover your data, you don’t pay anything. That is our guarantee, No Data, No Pay!

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