Dropped Your Phone In Water: To Rice or Not to Rice?

Dropped your phone in water? Put it in rice overnight and it will be good as new in the morning. Right?

Well…not exactly.

True, this trick may work temporarily. But it also may not work at all, in which case it will probably only make matters even worse. Here’s why.

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We Can Recover Your Deleted Photos from Android or iOS Smart Phone

How Photos Are Lost…

There are many ways photos can be lost on an Android or iOS smart phone. One is user error, someone accidentally or maliciously pressed the delete button. However, the most common cause of pictures disappearing from Android or iOS smart phones is an unrecognized microSD card.

Sometimes the card can be recognized by the computer and smart phone, but the photos are gone. This type of issue tends to have a higher recovery success rate.

The cards that are inserted into a computer or smart phone that can’t be read or is unrecognized… This happens from circuit damage to the microSD card. This type of malfunction removes the ability to identify itself as an SD card to computers and smart phones. Unrecognized microSD cards do have hope. Recovering the lost pictures this way is quite difficult. It’s best to contact a professional data recovery service and provide addition information for them to access the best solution for your data recovery.

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USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Service

How Smart Phone Data Recovery Helps You with USB Flash Drive Recovery.
Have a damaged or broken USB flash drive and need USB Flash Drive Recovery? Let’s cover the basic procedures for submitting a case for USB Flash Drive recovery. Visit our website, fill out our online service form and wait for a replied email with further instructions. This process only takes 5 minutes or less. If you have any questions call 1-877-598-2474.

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Cell Phone Data Recovery

The Best Cell Phone Data Recovery in the U.S.

You may have gigabytes of data on your phone, including important files, text messages, contacts, calendars and more. While many smart phones offer backup systems, data loss can occur between backups, leaving you without access to your important files and contacts.

We offer the fastest, ONE RATE; Fee $385, cell phone data recovery services, and with our dedicated recovery specialists and expert knowledge of various cell phone operating systems and file types, Smart Phone Data Recovery is your best cell phone data recovery option.

We offer our cell phone recovery customers:

  • No Data, No Charge Policy
  • ONE RATE; Fee $385
  • Highest Recovery Success Rates

Smart Phone Data Recovery offers expert cell phone data recovery service. Using our own proprietary methods, we have over a 90% success rate. If we can’t recovery your data, you pay us nothing! This is backed by our No Data, No Pay guarantee.

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Data Recovery ONE RATE FEE; $385 for any iPhone or Smart Phone.

Smart Phone Data Recovery offers iPhone, iPad or Smart Phone Data Recovery Services.

Whether you need to recover your contacts, important text messages, photos or videos, we have the most advanced iPhone data recovery technology and best solutions for any iPhone data loss situation you are facing with, no matter what cause your iPhone or other mobile device to fail.

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