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525 East Seaside Way, Suite 2011-E Long Beach CA 90802


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  • Noelle D.
    Saved my life. Retrieved all my videos and photos and data off my iPhone X that had been soaked in water and was completely inoperable. Very Very reasonable price, especially compared to the competition. I just shipped them my dead phone and they sent back my data on a drive.
  • L. L.
    100% satisfied. Professional, efficient, knowledgeable, experienced, trustworthy. All for the best up-front (disclosed) price I found. Will use again and highly recommend.
  • Bobby M.

    I found Smart Phone Data Recovery online, made an appointment same day. Not only did these guys helped me retrieve all of my pics off of my two memory cards, they did it the same day. I wanted to write this review in hope others find it if their looking for recovery service from a company that knows there stuff. All of my pictures have been recovered. If I ever need to retrieve pics, which I'm hoping I don’t, ha-ha...I'll give these guys a call for sure. Thanks again for all your help!

  • Anthony M.

    "My iPhone wouldn't power on. I had Apple look at it and was told they could not fix the phone or retrieve the data. I was recommended to Smart Phone Data Recovery Services. Unfortunately they don't have an office in Stanford, so I had to sent it to California. I have all my pictures, contacts and appointments on it that I needed back as quickly as possible. So, out of desperation, I sent them my phone.

    The very next day I received a call that they recovered all my pictures, contacts and calendar information. I was sent an email with a link that I was able to click on and download the recovered data online and put it on my new iPhone. All this in less then 24 hours. Wow!

    I highly recommend Smart Phone Data Recovery and will definitely recommenced then to friends and family".

  • Sharon S.

    "My Samsung Galaxy S6, got run over and screen is broken and phone will not power on. My carrier is CSPIRE and they cannot retrieve the data from it. I have some pictures, video clips, and contacts that I needed to recover because I never knew or was told I needed to backup my phone.

    I Googled smartphone data recovery and Smart Phone Data Recovery Services came up. They had great reviews so I decided to give them a call. I was told that the recovery room was in California. Reluctant to put my phone in the mail, I was so impressed with the person on the other end of the phone and his confidence in a successful recovery, I went with my gut, and sent them my phone with an 8 gig thumb drive with shipment for the recovered data to be put on.

    I was contacted the next day that the recovery was a success. Nice to know great service still does exist."

  • Kevin W.

    "I have an iPhone 6, 64gb with nothing backed up. On Sunday, the screen went black. I tried to power it back on by holding the home & power button and nothing happened. It could not have been the battery as I know there was more than 50% battery life left, but either way, I used my OEM charger to charge it. I tried again home/power button and still a black screen. So, I plugged my iPhone into my pc to checked it on iTunes. It said that my phone is in recovery mode. I called Apple to find out what happened and if there were a way to back up my files. They said that once it's in recovery mode, there is nothing they can do except to wipe everything and return to original factory setting.

    I went to the Apple store to have them check it out. The representative did the same thing as I did to check but nothing happened and he plugged into a computer and the iPhone stated the same thing. I asked if he could get it out of recovery mode so that I can retrieve my photos/videos/notes and he explained the same thing that once in recovery mode, it has to be wiped and returned to factory setting. He had me call my phone and no response. He also put it through a program to check the display to see if anything was wrong.

    I have all my photos, videos, notes, calendar of events, bookmarks, contacts that I needed to recover if at all possible. In a total panic, I found Smart Phone Data Recovery online. Their representative was very knowledgeable with the iPhone and insured me they would do there very best to recover my data. They have a no data, no pay policy, however I just wanted my data back. Two days after I got the first call that my iPhone was received at there lab and that they were working on it, the next call was that they had 100% recovery and were sending it back to me. My hat off and hand forward to a job well done! The service was excellent!"

  • Glenn D.

    "Last Saturday I noticed all photos gone 1,500-2000 from galaxy phone's gallery no trace on phone. I didn't recall a delete or upload since then. I have used a scan program with no luck. Had Samsung remote in to the phone with no luck. 1,500-2000 pictures were on the phone. I was able to find thumbnails of some pictures in cache folder but not actual photos.

    Smart Phone Data Recover came to my rescue. Most all picture were recovered without damage. There recovery fee was very reasonable and the service beyond words."

  • Linda G.

    "I used Smart Phone Data Recovery to recover data from my water damaged Samsung 6. From the time I called, to the time they recovered my contacts and photos they were very professional. They kept me informed every step of the way. After 2 follow up phone calls from Paul, and 48 hours later... I was very impressed with the great news that they had a full recovery. I will certainly recommend their services to friends and family, and of course I would use them again should I need data recovery services in the furture. Paul made the whole process very easy and painless. Thank you Paul and Staff for a job we done."

  • Chuck E.

    "After calling around data recovery shops, I liked how Smart Phone Data Recovery were very professional, knowledgeable and had a flat fee service. I decided to give them a shot. These guys approached the problem not only with professionalism but also real expertise, while the other shops came across as simply unprofessional. The flat rate price is exactly what they say all over there website...NO BS!.

    These guys know customer service, there business and explain to you what you can expect throughout the process. I was told if for any reason they could not recover my data, I would not be charge a penny. What great place! They recovered all my data, I couldn't be happier. I will definitely send referrals their way and continue to do business with Smart Phone Data Recovery."

  • Christopher M.

    "The team at Smart Phone Data Recovery were quick with the recovery of my iPhone files after my son accidentally kicked it into the pool while horsing around. The customer service was excellent and I was informed of the process each step of the way. I received a call the same day they received my iPhone, and was told that my data was completely recovered. All my emails, contacts, address book, text messages, calendar, photos, videos, all of it! This could have been a major headache for me, but instead Smart Phone Data Recovery turned it into a manageable hiccup. Kudos to Smart Phone Data Recovery and their rock star team."

  • G D.
    The screen on my Samsung Note broke; therefore, I couldn't input my passcode, etc. All my my picturues from Christmas and prior vacation were only stored on the phone (cloud backup was off). I searched and found Smart Phone Data Recovery. Paul and company were able to retrieve photos, contacts, etc. within a week, start to finish. So happy with their service. And Price
  • Kinney Y.
    Wow...thank you so much for recovering everything from Motorola Droid phone. This phone was accidentally dropped into a bucket of water 2 years ago. So I purchase a new phone and left this one in my drawer. The phone would try to start and start but no screen and it wouldn't connect to my computer. Just recently I realized that I had some photos and video that I really wanted from this broken phone. And that's when I found Smart Phone Data Recovery. I followed their instructions and about a 1.5 weeks later I received my old phone back and a USB drive with all my data. Thank you !
  • Nico D.
    I stuck my iPhone X in the drink holder in my car for 20 minutes... not realizing there was a cup of water there. Phone completely soaked and died. I had 100s of important professional videos on there and had not backed up because my computer had been broken. Also nothing had backed up to the cloud. Took the phone to a cell phone repair - no luck. After 5 days of trying to find solutions, and being told there was no hope to retrieve my data due to the type of water damage and time elapsed, I finally came across Smart Phone Data Recovery. The price seemed much lower than other businesses I'd heard about, which were astronomical. I sent the phone and they retrieved ALL my videos, pictures, backed everything up to a drive for me, and shipped it right back. It was only $400 to get all my media out of the fried phone and well worth it to me. Once I got my data off the dead phone I was able to return the phone through my insurance. I'm so happy they were able to get my data, I rarely write reviews but SPDR really came through for me.

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    • 525 East Seaside Way, Suite 2011-E

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